Зрелая красотка с мужем - ой оргазм, конечно, нужен

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It's Christianity plain and simple. I call it .Not only is Universalism Christianity, IMHO, it's the world's dominant Christian sect. It's the modern continuation of the American Puritan tradition, through what used to be called "mainline Protestantism." It has just mutated to the point of unlryognizabieitc. See, for example, George McKenna's . He traces the tradition from the Mayflower to the SDS. Christians who actually still believe in God are the side branch, the heretics, the dissenters. They've assumed much the position that Catholics used to hold in the British political system - basically, the all-purpose scapegoats for everything.
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Thanks Jamie. It was good to have a few Speights together yesterday and talk about many things.Thanks for your encouragment. I agree, we need to take the nuiances of monanuiteering and exploration to a much wider audience. We also need to show the human face and how the mountains have shaped the NZ character and how NZers have shaped the mountains. ( Mainly by hydro electric schemes.)Take care. Bob